Fireplaces & Stoves

Fireplaces and Accessories

With its dancing flames, crackling logs and cosy heat, there's simply nothing like a real fire to warm your home and your heart. And on eBay, you'll find fires and accessories to suit almost any home, from a grand old fireplace to a simple, freestanding log burner.

Fires for Everyone

There is a fire to fit in every home, whether you're looking for a more natural way to heat than boring radiators, or looking to add some serious style to your home with a feature fireplace. You can find everything from wood-burning stoves, which have changed little for centuries, to modern inset fireplaces which sit in your wall like a work of art.

Building Your Fire

As well as the choosing fire itself, you will also need to consider how it is vented, especially if there is no existing chimney in your home. You'll find a huge range of decorative stovepipes and flues available that can be fitted either within your walls or fixed to them as part of the design.

Fireplace Accessories

Of course, the fire itself is just the start. When it comes to creating the perfect fireplace, there is plenty of scope to show your style, from the hearth in front of the fire, to the mantelpiece above it. You can even choose a full fire surround, with everything from decorative antique styles to sleek modern designs available.

Fireplace Finishing Touches

Many of the functional tools you need for your fireplace, such as pokers, brushes and shovels, have become decorative elements in themselves, and you can select an accompanying set to suit your period style or fireplace theme. If you have small children or animals in your home, you may also want to select a fire screen to keep them at a safe distance from the flames.