Preschool Toys & Pretend Play

Toys for Pre-school and Young Children

Toys for pre-school and young children are very important, ensuring they enjoy playing whilst helping them to learn key skills and develop role play activities through using their imaginations. Toys include play kitchen sets , train sets, dollhouses and shop sets. By encouraging your child to play with these types of toys they can begin building important life skills, whilst having fun at the same time.


Playsets can vary in the type, age range and what purpose it should be serving. However, they all help children develop lifelong skills, including coordination, simple maths, problem solving and precision. Wooden activity cubes have a number of toys on them, such as the flip and match game, bead maze, xylophone and counting circles. Playsets are great for pre-school children and toddlers, offering a hands on learning approach and allowing the children to explore and have fun, whilst developing new and relevant skills at the same time.


Children's dollhouses allow your child to be creative and control a family and the house they live in. There are also parts of houses that can be placed in your child's bedroom, playroom or back garden, allowing them to be immersed into the house itself.

This is particularly popular with kitchen sets. Children are able to develop role play and imagination skills, taking on the activities you would normally fulfil in a kitchen. By pretending and practising what it is like to control and cook in their own kitchen, your child is imitating their parent and preparing for the future.

Another popular house is the shop set, often comprising of a counter, a shop till, coins and items for sale. Shop sets can build your child's communication and mathematical skills.

There are a number of house related toys that are perfect for pre-school and young children to play with. Toys include kids' hoovers , telephones, feather dusters and gardening equipment, such as watering cans.

Find the right toy for the age range

Toys for young children have been made ensuring they are safe for the stated age range. It is important to check what age range the toys you are buying are suitable for. Some toys may not be suitable for very young children, as they might be dangerous if broken or used inappropriately. A large majority of the toys have an element of learning, education and role playing themes, allowing children to develop skills, learn new abilities and have fun at the same time!