Equestrian Equipment

Equestrian Equipment

Riding is a passion. The amount of time, love and energy that goes into equestrian life is huge and that includes having all the right equipment for you and your horse to perform at your best. From safety wear to horse feed, the list of essential equestrian equipment is a long one. When you think of the rewards, its easy to see why its all worth it.

Equipment for Your Horse

Your horse needs to be kitted out with the right size saddle and the appropriate tack. Youll find saddles in a selection of colours and materials, as well as stirrups, bridles, reins, girths, martingales, breastplates and bits. Find comfort cloths to go under the saddle and prevent chafing, as well as horse wear such as mud socks, coats, rugs and eat nets.

Care for your horse by choosing balanced horse feed and supplements, and make sure you regularly groom them to ensure their coats, manes and hooves are in optimal condition. When it comes to transporting your horse, trailers and horseboxes can bring you fantastic freedom.

Equipment for You

Equestrians are a stylish set, and youll want to find riding wear that combines practicality with style. High-quality riding boots are a key component of riding attire. Look for waterproof boots crafted from durable leather that will see you through any weather. Comfortable jodhpurs are another essential. Youll find a variety of styles from classic to colourful. Riding gloves are a must, along with equestrian jackets, which can be warm and waterproof or smart and show-ready.

Safety equipment is essential. A well-fitting riding hat is an obvious necessity, but you could also consider high-vis reflective strips and clothing for both you and your horse if you plan to be riding on roads. Anchor straps are also a popular safety choice, keeping you secure in the saddle in the face of sudden spooks.