Antique Silver

Antique Silver

Silver never goes out of fashion, never fails to look classy and never fails to delight, whether purchased as a collectible item for yourself or as a gift for an Anniversary or Christening. The antique silver available dates from pre-1800 to post 1940 and finding an item to suit you has been made easy, by breaking it down into period or product. Silver sells well and will retain its value as time goes on.

Antique Silver Tableware

Silver is known for its antibacterial properties as well as its lustre and ability to take a very high shine. This makes it the perfect choice for tableware across the ages as it is hygienic and classy. It is notable that designs change slightly with the passage of time; the feet on large serving trays change shape, the embossing or engraving on edges and surfaces changes focus and the grade of silver or silver plate goes through trends. Silverware has always been synonymous with a fine dining experience.

Antique Silver Gifts

Silver is the traditional gift for Christenings and 25th Wedding anniversaries, but it also makes a great luxury gift for almost any occasion and adds a touch of elegance to any home. From antique silver jewellery boxes and picture frames to traditional silver Christening spoons and money boxes, silver gifts last forever and are a fabulous keepsake for your loved ones. You can think outside of the box too, with pocket watches, perfume bottles and antique silver inkwells all being interesting and unusual gift choices.

Antique Silver Boxes

Scroll through the items of antique silver in a box, which are lovely if you are looking for something complete with its original presentation and you will find some beautiful examples of solid silver trinket, pill, snuff and tobacco boxes and these can date back to the early 1800s.