Make-Up Sets & Kits

Make Up Sets and Kits

There really is a make up set to match every mood, every type of colouring and every skin type . Make up sets are made with natural ingredients , are long lasting or hypoallergenic.

Make up sets and kits make the perfect gift, whether for yourself or for another lucky person. Most of the major beauty brands have a range of luxurious make up kits and sets to choose from, containing some of their most popular colours and products.

Personal vs. professional make up kits

Professional complete make up sets are perfect for anyone who wants to go into the beauty business. They are typically designed for make up artists and will have a much wider selection of make up and applicators than a personal kit, due to the range of skin types and tones a professional will be dealing with.

Professional make up kits vary in price as much as the branded home kits. Just like personal kits, the amount you spend all depends on the brand you choose, the number of products in the set and whether there are other accessories like professional make up brushes included.

When you're looking for a kit that's just for home use, mix and match sets and only pick brands and products that you will use personally.

What to look for in a make up set

Although you'll be swayed by the brand, the main thing to consider is whether you're going to use that product and if it will suit you.

Consider your complexion, then once you've found a make up set with the perfect base, you can look for eyeliner and mascara, and finish off with some fun lip and eye colours.

Individual sets for specific make up needs

Mix and match your make up sets with themed eyeshadow palettes, glamorous contouring kits and lip and cheek tint kits in trendy seasonal hues that can spice up your make up collection. Have fun with make up and enjoy experimenting.