Football Trainers

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and the wide variety of kit available for the sport is staggering. This includes footwear which is designed for use on specific surfaces, from professionally cared for turf to indoor sports halls and even synthetic grass. No matter which surface you prefer to play on, youll need the shoes to match and luckily there are plenty of football trainers to choose from.


Although many styles, brands and sizes are available, football trainers have a few common features. Generally football trainers will have one smooth piece of material that goes over the whole top of the foot. This makes the part of the shoe that is used for striking the ball relatively flat. The advantage of this is the ball plays off it nicely, with more accurate results.

Perhaps the biggest difference between football trainers and other footwear such as football boots , is that trainers have no studs. Instead, football trainers usually feature a bumpy or textured sole, providing grip and stops you from slipping over.

For synthetic grass

You can find footwear that is specifically designed for different surfaces, including AstroTurf trainers . The good thing about playing on AstroTurf is that you do not encounter the problems of waterlogging or extreme hardness caused by frost when outdoors.

The benefit of using these trainers is that you neednt worry about different boot types and studs for different conditions. Retaining a continuous firmness, the sole of your trainer can easily grip the ground.

If you want to play football indoors, its worth keeping in mind that AstroTurf football trainers will mark the ground, so are not a good option for use in sports halls.

Colours available

Football trainers come in many different colours, from loud primary colours to plain black. If you prefer a trainer that is a little more low key, then a black or a plain option with no pattern is the best choice for you.

If you like to emulate the look of your favourite players, why not consider a brighter pair? Clashing your football trainers with the rest of your kit gives you an edgy look that means youll be fashionable on the pitch as well as off it.

Need football trainers for smaller feet? Its not just adult sizes that are available, you can find youth sizes too, making football still a firm favourite for the whole family.