Rugby League & Rugby Union Gloves

Rugby Union Gloves

Rugby Union gloves offer you comfort and functionality: they have plenty of grip to help with your ball touch whilst keeping your hands warm. These gloves have been specifically designed to be worn when playing Rugby. They will help to keep your hands warm in the winter months and can protect from minor hand injuries.

You can find gloves to match or compliment your current rugby kit , or you can opt for the classic black glove.

Types of grips

Silicon rubber dots can be found on the palms and the fingers of these gloves. This gives you the best possible grip when you're playing the toughest contact games as it assists in the catching and throwing of the ball .

Glove material

The material of the gloves is made from stretchy elastane lycra which fits snug to your skin, feeling like a second skin. This provides a good amount of insulation to keep your hands warm in the winter months (this is particularly important for children.) The tight fitting material can also help protect against any minor hand injuries that would occur with hard contact like light abrasions and cuts.

The material is lightweight so you can easily forget that you're wearing the gloves but they also keep you nicely insulated. There is also an adjustable strap on the wrist, which allows you to change the fastening and tightness of the gloves, giving you the ability to alter the fit to suit your changing needs.


Rugby Union gloves vary in size so that they can accommodate for all rugby players. The sizes vary from small boys through to adults that measure from 6.5cm to over 9cm.

There are lots of different rugby gloves available that you can choose from. Brands of rugby gloves range from Optimum, KooGa and Gilbert. Each brand offers different sizes and colours but they all offer protection, comfort and improved grip.