Boxing Boots

Boxing Boots

Boxing boots are available in varying sizes, with popular brands being Nike, Adidas and Lonsdale. When selecting your boxing boots, you need to make sure that you take into consideration the ankle support, the toe grip and the overall stability.

Ankle Support

Regular shoes are not designed to support any form of lateral movement. Boxing boots, on the other hand, offer lateral support for the ankle and front and back support as well. The type of boot you choose will depend on the degree of support you need laterally. The height of the boxing boot can also play a part in this, with higher boots giving you a higher angle and therefore offering more shin support. Higher boxing boots can limit lateral quickness.

Toe Grip

Boxing boots are available with thin soles or thick soles. The sole is not rigid at all and there is always a lot of flex with the ground. This helps to give the boxer a very high level of stability. Thinner shoes allow more contact with the ground and they also give a responsive feel and experience. Thicker shoes, on the other hand, offer less contact and therefore absorb more shock from rapid movements.


The better grip a boxing boot has, the more stability you have. Boots that have a high level of grip will help you to keep your balance and throw better punches from different angles. Boots with a high level of grip also allow the boxer to deliver faster punches off one foot, giving an edge in the ring while also reducing the chances of falling or slipping mid-fight.

When choosing boxing boots, you need to take into account the material, the lace-fastening and even the colour if you want them to match your style, your experience level and the type of training/ competition you want to participate in.