Trampolines are a great addition to any home, providing hours of fun for people of all ages. Theyre a versatile toy that never loses its novelty factor and can be used as a form of exercise too.

When selecting a trampoline, youll want to find something thats safe, durable and easy to assemble. There are thousands to choose from with several options from popular brands including Homcom and Plum.

Adults Trampolines

The size of trampoline you select will be determined by how much floor space you have. Trampolines are typically placed in gardens and patios where theres a lot of free space, however, they can just as easily be erected inside the home in a spare room or basement.

Wherever you place your trampoline, youll need adequate head clearance for jumping as well as a 2m safety perimeter around the edge.

Trampolines come in a range of shapes including circles, ovals and rectangles. You can also find various sizes measuring 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft or 16ft in diameter. The smaller sizes will be suitable for just one jumper, while the larger sizes can accommodate up to three.

The majority of trampolines will include a ladder so you can climb up into it with ease. While others will come with a waterproof cover that can be placed on top whenever your trampolines not in use. You can also find some trampolines for competitive athletes who want to practise their stunts and acrobatics.

Kids Trampolines

Nothing wears out energetic kids quite like a few hours jumping on a trampoline. Lots of large trampolines are only suitable for children aged six and over so youll need to select a kids trampoline thats suitable for toddlers and younger children. 4.5ft and 6ft options are available.

In addition to trampolines, youll find a range of covers, poles, padding and safety nets available in various sizes to fit your trampoline.

Top Products in Trampolines

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