Lawn Bowls Clothing

Lawn bowls clothing is designed to give the wearer a high level of comfort without compromising or restricting movement. Lawn bowl clothing is nearly always white in colour and it has the name of the brand printed in black. It is very breathable and it is designed to be worn outside or on the green. Clothing items include jumpers, jackets, hooded tops, trousers and even socks.

Breathable Material

Lawn bowl clothing is made out of a light material, designed to keep the user dry and fresh. It is also designed to provide as much freedom of movement as possible. This is one of the reasons why lawn bowl clothing tops are often sleeveless with a t-shirt worn underneath.

Lawn bowl clothing can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of the user, with some opting for a t-shirt alone and others opting for a jumper and t-shirt combination in colder weather. Women's lawn bowl clothing is also available.

Lawn Bowl Clothing Sizes

Lawn bowl clothing is available in a huge range of sizes. There are also training pants available and these are suitable for practising and for friendly events. The brand of the lawn bowl clothing is usually printed on the top right thigh and the sizing is usually based on your waist. With the tops and jumpers, the size is based on the chest, however, it is also possible for it to take into account the length of the body as well.

Lawn bowl clothing can be made out of acrylic, polyester or cotton and it is also possible to get a blend of materials. The material that you choose will largely depend on the amount you are going to be playing, the weather and how hot it is going to be on the day.