Table Football Equipment

Table Football

Table football is a popular game that is played by normally two or four players. Many family sized gaming tables conveniently fold away when not in use.

Different types of table football

Mini sized table football is designed to be played on a table top. The classic retro style mini gaming table is made from lightweight plastic, and has metal components. Some vintage table soccer football games are endorsed by professional football players of the day.

Standard table football is a portable game that is played on top of a table . The design features six rows of football players, and two black and white plastic footballs.

Folding table football gaming tables typically measure four feet in length, and boast eight rows of football players on solid chrome rods. The family sized table football is suitable for two or four players. When not in use, the legs fold flat against the base of the table for easy storage. This type of table football is available in a variety of styles.

Deluxe 7 in 1 table football gaming tables are available with a wood or metal frame. The tables have removable boards so that you can play table football or a selection of other popular table top games. Accessories to suit each game are supplied.

4 in 1 table football tables include four different game boards. Some table football gaming tables also fold flat for storage.

Club style table football games feature professional football club branding on the sides of the gaming table.

Standard features of modern table football gaming tables

The standard 4ft long table is equipped with eight chrome rods that feature smooth sliding action for maximum play enjoyment.

The rectangular table football game replicates the look of a football pitch, and includes white line markings.

The chrome rods have a team of football players attached. The team formation is usually 1-2-5-3. The figures are generally made from plastic, carbon-fibre or metal, and sport the team colours. Each rod has a gripper handle on one side.

The open goal has a drop down back so that you can easily retrieve the plastic footballs.

All styles of modern table football gaming tables have raised sides for continuous fast ball play and both ends of the table feature scorers so that you can keep count of the goals that your team scores.

Additional accessories

Replacement plastic black and white footballs for your table football are supplied in packs of four balls.