Swimming Caps

Swimming pools are full of chlorine and other harmful chemicals, so when you go swimming, whether it is for leisure or professionally, it's a good idea for you to wear a swimming cap so you can protect your hair. Swimming caps are available from a huge range of brands, including Speedo, Zoggs and Slazenger.

Silicone Swimming Caps

Silicone caps are one of the most popular variants out there. They are incredibly durable and they will last you for years on end when you look after them properly. If you are a competitive swimmer then silicone caps are also a brilliant option because they are long lasting and they slip on and off very easily, making them ideal for both men and women. They are also widely available in children's sizes.

Latex Swimming Caps

Latex is much thinner when compared to silicone. It is less durable and they do rip easier as well. Latex caps are also much lighter and they offer a much higher level of breathability. This means that they are more suited to warmer climates or warmer pools. They are also much more affordable when compared to silicone and some swimmers believe that they help to reduce sweat as well. However, some people may have allergic reactions to this material.

Rubber Swimming Caps

Rubber is a very common elastic and it is actually derived from latex. Rubber caps are thicker when compared to latex but they are not as stretchy. Rubber caps are ideal for those who are allergic to latex but still want the lightweight properties that it has to offer. Rubber caps are great for swimming in colder conditions and this is because they help to retain heat and it also stops your head from cooling down too much when you step into the pool. Rubber caps are well suited to outdoor swimming for this very reason.