Classical Guitars

Classical Guitars

A classical guitar is noted by its smaller body and strings and is commonly played in orchestras. You can find a wide range of classical guitars here on eBay from leading music brands including Yamaha, Admira, Ramirez and Cordoba.

What Is a Classical Guitar?

With a classical guitar, the strings are usually made out of nylon and this helps to produce a very rich and warm sound. Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, have steel strings which offer a very bright sound with stunning crystal clear tones. The style of the classical guitar incorporates a wider fretboard and this makes it much easier to master complex fingerings. The neck is also shorter and the body is always hollow. This allows a good level of resonation without any amplification at all.

Classical Guitar Features

With classical guitars, the sound is amplified by the soundboard and the resonant cavity inside the guitar. Classical guitars have 6 strings however some can have 7 or more. The nylon strings that are used help to provide a much lower level of tension. The neck of the guitar can be made out of wood alone, without the need for a steel truss rod. The interior bracing of the classical guitar is also much lighter, helping to amplify the higher tones.

Classical Fingerboards

Classical fingerboards are usually flat without the inlaid fret markers. They also are known for having dot inlays on the side of the neck as opposed to being down the front. The design for the classical guitar can be compared to the Flamenco guitar, however, the classical guitar is slightly larger and heavier.

Another thing to note is that the machine heads on a classical guitar point backwards, whereas with a steel string guitar the machine heads point outwards instead. This is mainly because of the different string tension.