Get going with Go-Karts

Go-Karts are a type of open wheel car commonly used for leisure activities or racing and come in many different shapes and forms. The simplest Go-Karts are Gravity karts, often referred to as Soap Box Derby carts; with no engine, these are gravity powered and used for racing downhill. More powerful Go-Kart use electric or combustion engines and are speedy vehicles

Where you can use your Go-Kart

Go-Karts are not allowed to be used on public roads or pavements but may be used off road on private land with the landowner';s permission. There are lots of Go-Kart race tracks, some of which provide a rental service if you want to try before you buy, and these provide a professional, safe environment for hours of fun. 

Go-Kart features

Your Go-Kart will have a lightweight, aerodynamic chassis, which means it is fast and responsive. After you have slowed for a corner, the chassis ensures that acceleration back up to speed is quick and efficient. There should also be a rubber shock absorber mounted on the chassis. 

Most engines are two or four stroke petrol engines with either a 200cc or 120cc engine. Most recreational Go-Karts will be powered by a four-stroke engine, whereas most racing Go-Karts use a two-stroke engine. Pedal Go-Karts are also available and better suited to kids. 

Electric Go-Karts are powered using motors and batteries. These are emission-free, making them ideal for indoor kart tracks. 

The steering wheel sits on the steering column and is connected to the rear wheels with either a chain or a belt, meaning that Go Karts are rear drive vehicles. 

There are only two pedals; accelerator and brake. Some Go-Karts may be fitted with an anti-double pedalling tech, which prevents the driver from accelerating and braking at the same time. 

Bumpers are an essential safety feature. Made of heavy-duty plastic, they surround the Go-Kart to offer protection in the event of any minor crashes.