Railwayana is a term that refers to any goods or merchandise related to the Railway, many of which are collectible. The easiest way to find what youre looking for here is to shop by category.


There are literally thousands of railway photographs to choose from, showing trains, stations, depots and railways from all over the world; some modern and some very old indeed, dating from the time of the first photograph technology in the mid-1800s. Whether your passion is for old English steam trains, a specific passenger or freight rail company, signs and signals, or obsolete rail technologies, you are sure to find something here that will pique your interest.

Hardware Railwayana

This category refers to physical railway memorabilia; station signs, staff badges, commemorative releases such as mugs depicting new liveries, service items that have been used on trains, items of uniform and collectible vintage items such as the old-style oil lamps used by railway workers.


Here you can find examples of railway tickets from all over the world (you can shop by region), perfect for collectors. Some are vintage, dating back to the early 1900s and in many of them, you can see the ticket stamp indicating that they were successfully used. Others have no stamp and are in pristine, unused condition.

Paper Railwayana and Books

Paper Railwayana refers to maps, posters, timetables, drawings and paintings and even old luggage labels. This is perhaps one of the most diverse and fascinating categories, as many of the items are from old or obsolete railway lines and give a little glimpse into rail history. Books are a great source of information for railway enthusiasts and in this category, you can find a wealth of knowledge about International rail, British rail pre and post-privatisation, individual railway lines and miniature gauge railways. DVDs and videos have their own category too and are a great source of visual information and memorabilia.