Yoga & Pilates Equipment

Yoga and Pilates Equipment

Yoga and pilates is becoming increasingly popular in recent years and without appropriate equipment it is very hard to fully practise this discipline. Whether you are just starting out or you are a studio owner who is looking to add to your existing collection, you can be sure to find a wide selection of yoga and pilates equipment to suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a mat for either yoga or pilates, you can find mats for yoga and pilates equipment in a variety of materials and colours. You can even find yoga and pilates mats in travel versions as well, making them ideal for holidays or festivals.

If you are looking for a yoga and pilates mat, then why not add a mat strap to your list of yoga and pilates equipment. A strap is designed to make carrying your yoga or pilates mat much easier. The strap is essentially like a harness and the loops can be attached to the ends of your rolled-up yoga or pilates mat and the straps will tighten as you pick it up. This can be an effective alternative to a yoga mat bag and can be useful if you are going on holiday or are exercising outside.

If you are looking to really amp up your pilates workout, then why not consider a pilates machine ? This provides a full body workout plus cardio and most pilates machines come with a corresponding DVD that allows you to effectively utilise the machine to its full capacity.

To add to your yoga work out a little further, you may require a yoga foam roller as part of your yoga and pilates equipment. The roller is a long cylinder of foam which helps relax the muscles in a similar way to how a massage would. Simply use your bodyweight to provide pressure onto the foam roller in the areas most affected.

Do you prefer to work out inside the comfort of your own home? You can find yoga and pilates equipment such as DVDs which can teach you how to practice yoga and pilates. Most DVDs cater for a variety of skill levels.

Whether you are choosing to work out at home or participate in a class, why not try yoga and pilates equipment blocks and props which help you achieve those tricky positions by stabilising your body. Most blocks are designed with corners and rounded edges to make it easier to grip during your workout.

Yoga and pilates equipment are available in a variety of product types, brands, features, colours and can be found in both new and pre-owned condition.