Luggage is available in a varied range of options designed so that an owner's personal belongings can be packed safely while travelling. Styles can be purchased in many shapes and sizes from large sets of suitcases to smaller travel bags and hand luggage across a wide range of colours.

Luggage can be bought with hard, soft and hybrid casings and is manufactured using various materials including synthetics, canvas, aluminium, leather and plastics. Many items of luggage are available from leading brands such as Samsonite, The North Face as well as high-end designer labels such as Louis Vuitton.


If you are heading on holiday, a good quality suitcase should be a must-buy. These can typically be bought in sets but are also available as single units and are suitable for in-flight use in both the cabin and the hold as well as smaller varieties that are perfect for a weekend away.

Suitcases are available across many different sizes with litre capacities ranging from 40L to over 100L. Many styles include convenient travel-savvy features such as wheels, telescopic handles, expandable inners, combination locks and tie-down straps to ensure a stress-free journey while you are on the move. Large yet lightweight suitcases made from rigid polypropylene shells make excellent in-flight choices, leaving you more of your baggage allowance for belongings!

Luggage for Your Lifestyle

Backpacks are popular choices for daily use and are ideal for the gym, camping trips, festivals and other active short breaks. Many backpacks have multiple zippered compartments to organise belongings and are available in a range of sizes from tough, water-resistant backpacks designed for trekking to laptop backpacks to safely and securely store tech on the business commute.

Holdalls are usually made of tough fabric or leather and are highly on-trend. These items of luggage are also great choices for the gym or short breaks. In addition, with softer yet durable lightweight shells, holdalls are a great alternative choice to the conventional suitcase.