Make-Up Removers

Make Up Removers

Make up removers are designed to carefully remove cosmetic products from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh faced and clean. They are available from many well known brands including Clinique, Lancôme and L'Oréal and come in numerous formulations.


Gel make up removers are suitable for many different skin types. Gentle formulas carefully dissolve and remove traces of cosmetic products including lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation and even water-resistant mascaras that are difficult to get off without a special product. Gels for sensitive skin are usually alcohol-free containing ingredients such as aloe vera, which has a relaxing, soothing effect.


Fluid removers remove cosmetic products without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling and are gentle on the eyes. Double-effective fluid removers carefully dissolve make up while simultaneously protecting the eyelashes. Products for dry skin also work to moisturise and clean your complexion. Fluid make up removers are best applied with a cotton wool pad.


Many oil-based make up removers are enriched with natural vitamins helping your skin to feel soft, nourished and refreshed. Cleansing oils are made from a variety of oil types including grapeseed oil and while some need to be rinsed off with water after use, others can be left on the skin for a moisturising effect.


Cleansing creams take off make up with ease and are either designed to be washed off after use or left on the skin. Some creams can be used all over the face while others are specifically suited to certain areas such as the eyes. Eye creams are typically made from a sensitive formula and contain organic, anti-aging products such as aloe and olives.

Face wipes

Pre-soaked facial wipes are quick and easy to use. They are hygienic, disposable and help you to get rid of make up in an instant. Many are infused with products that are gentle on the skin such as chamomile. Wipes are ideal for cleansing and toning alike.