Ceiling Fans

When the summer months arrive, it can be hard to stay cool. If you've ever spent a long, hot night trying to sleep and wishing for a cool breeze, you'll know why ceiling fans are so popular. Whether you like to keep your bedroom a comfortable temperature or make sure your living room is airy for guests, ceiling fans are an efficient and smart way to keep air circulating. Surprisingly, you can also use some models during winter to help warm air circulate and keep your home cosy.

Styles to Match All Homes

A ceiling fan can bring a chic look to a room. Match your fan to your interior design and you won't have to worry about it standing out or being an eyesore – it will seamlessly blend with the look of your room. Retro fans are a great choice if your room is decorated in a traditional style or you love the current hipster trend with its love of all things vintage. Choose luxurious materials like mahogany or brass to add some elegance.

If your home is decorated in a contemporary style, you'll love ceiling fans produced using modern materials. Sleek brushed nickel or chrome is a favourite, while neutral whites are also popular. Light wooden materials, such as beech, fit well with minimalist Scandi style and you'll also find colourful fans that would be ideal for a child's bedroom.

Convenient Features

Keep an eye out for ceiling fans with technology that makes life easier. A remote control can be a simple addition that allows you to control your fan from a distance. Some dual-function ceiling fans come with a central light that looks great as a focal point in a room. A variety of speeds is also a great feature that allows you to adjust your fan in line with the weather.