Motorcycle lifts and stands

Safely supporting a bike or motorcycle is incredibly important to both protect the machine itself and in the interest of safety for anybody nearby. An improperly secured motorbike could roll or fall, causing expensive damage to the bike, and risk injury if it were to fall onto someone since many bikes are extremely heavy. Paddock front and back stands are an ideal way to keep a bike upright and secure, allowing for easy inspection of the vehicle, safe storage of the bike and for minor repairs to be carried out. 

Heavy duty jacks and support

For large or prestige motorcycles, heavy-duty bike stands are essential to ensure careful storage and inspection of the bikes. Large, vintage Harley Davidson bikes might require a slightly different stand to a modern Honda or Suzuki, but there are good quality universal paddock stands available for every scenario. These size adaptable stands or jacks come in different materials to suit the environment, with aluminium a rust-proof choice for stands that are likely to be used regularly and in both wet and dry atmospheres. To get a really good look at a bike there are jacks available with heavy-duty large handles that allow bikes to be raised and lowered with ease. 

Workshop or garage motorbike stands

Powder coated stands and lifts are ideal for garage and workshop environments since they will withstand rust well, perfect for areas open to the elements or often left unheated. Some head and rear stands can be secured to a floor to increase security, perfect for commercial workshops where it might not be possible to have somebody at the premises at all times. For dirt bikes and motocross motorcycles having stands and jacks that are easy to clean is essential as an off-road bike could deposit lots of mud while secured.