Fishing Anglers' Equipment

Fishing and Anglers Equipment

The range of fishing and anglers equipment covers a wide spectrum of items that are essential to your fishing experience. From bivvies to bite alarms, the market has plenty of new innovations and indispensable items for the angling enthusiast.

Bivvies and shelters

Bivvies are usually smaller than tents and are designed for daytime use in poor weather. They are weather proof and most models have a polyurethane (PU) outside layer. Bivvies come in one man or two man ranges. Some are pop up and some can be pitched with ropes and poles just like a tent. Extra features such as mosquito nets, improved airflow for dryness and rod holders are often included in new versions. There are also umbrella style shelters that can offer more limited, but still welcome shelter in poor weather.

Tackle boxes and bags

The right holdall for your fishing equipment is essential. The ideal tackle bag is waterproof with deep cavity pockets and hold space. There are categories that cover saltwater, freshwater and fly-fishing and are designed to suit the bait, rod and fly capacity that you will need, depending on the type of fishing. For example some are ideal for coarse fishing and have an integrated seat and hard casing. Whereas some styles are more suited to fly-fishing as these bag can have lots of pockets to fit up to six reels, as well as bait.

Bite alarms

Bite alarms are popular with anglers as they can offer a sensitivity that sight alone cannot offer. The different types of bite alarm are wireless, or they may have a receiver unit like a radio, and some may have an LED light indicator. Some of the other main features found on bites alarms include extra long reach up to 100m, super sensitive and integral line guards, silent mode, and an ultra-bright LED.

Other fishing and angling equipment

Anglers find that most of their needs can be met with the wide range of items available. For example, there are compact sleeping bags, camp stoves and cool bags, padded rod holdalls, collapsible camping bowls for your catch, spool cases, foldable seating, and fishing chairs and bedchairs . Bed chairs convert from seating into camp beds and can enable anglers to stay overnight, sometimes in bivvies or a larger tent. Many holdalls include pockets for both fishing equipment and home comforts, such as milk and food.