Decorative Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors make spaces appear larger, create warmth, and reflect light. The right style of decorative mirror on a wall can transform a room, reflecting items and accentuating them in a unique way. Not only do they add interest to your interior, but they are also highly practical, with a standing mirror being an excellent choice if you want to see yourself from all angles. From stylish bathroom mirrors to a full length mirror in the hallway to instantly make the space feel wider, eBay has it all.

Shape, Size and Style

From a vanity mirror to a large wall mirror, decorative mirrors come in all sizes, styles and shapes and should consider the effect that these might have on a space. Square and rectangular decorative mirrors are the most common, but choosing one in an unusual shape can bring attention to a wall, even if the mirror is small.

An oval or round mirror is an easy way to give a striking effect. Decorative mirrors often look best when centred on a wall as the main focus of a room. Perhaps you want a uniform look or to draw attention to the height or length of a room? These are important aesthetics to decide upon.

Similarly, the size of a decorative mirror has an impact. Something small on a large wall will get lost, so choose the size of the right decorative mirror for the space available. With a large, long mirror, you are making a statement while increasing the amount of light in a room, making it look bigger. A frameless mirror screams minimalist elegance while offering the fullest reflection of any mirror type.

The style of the frame on a decorative mirror is essential. The less ornamentation it has, the more it blends into a room. Sculptural frames act as pieces of art; ornate, gilt frames portray a traditional look, and large round mirror frames can make a quirky decorative statement suitable for modern interiors.

Choose a simple thin frame for a modern, streamlined look or go for a gold mirror to add intrigue to any room. The colour of a decorative mirror's frame needs to work with the rest of the style of the room. Gilded metals often fit a more formal décor better than a plain frame. A darker or lighter frame to the colour of a wall creates a natural contrast.