Tennis Bags

Carrying around your tennis rackets , clothing, towels , toiletries and drinks bottles is made much easier with a tennis bag. Whether you're a recreational, club or professional tennis player, there's a wide range of designs to choose from.

Choosing the right size

Most tennis bags are sized depending on the number of tennis rackets you intend to carry around, with three, six, twelve and fifteen being the usual quantities. Not that you'll necessarily be carrying fifteen tennis rackets around, but you need the room to pack in all your tennis clothing and accessories.

Will you be carrying any small valuables with you? Many tennis bags come with a pocket or two specially designed for keeping things like money and jewellery safe.

What about different compartments so that you can keep clean clothes apart from dirty or wet gear? How do you want to be able to carry your tennis bag? You can have a single, often padded, strap to carry over your shoulder and a grab strap on the top or, especially useful for those heavy bags full of gear, choose a bag that can turn into a backpack style, distributing the weight much more evenly. Some tennis bags are styled as backpacks from the outset, whilst others are racket shaped.

All the top tennis brands manufacture a range of tennis bags so, if you want a bag that matches your chosen brand of tennis racket, you'll find one that suits your needs.

Want to emulate the top tennis players like Andy Murray and Roger Federer? Not only can you play with the same style of rackets that they do, you can choose a tennis bag just like the ones you see them using on court during tournaments such as Wimbledon and the French Open.