Tennis Balls

Tennis Balls

Having kept the same design and even the same colour for many years, there are many competing brands on the market. Tennis balls are available in tubes, multi packs or bags, depending on the amount you're looking for. When buying tennis balls, you should look for good bounce, a name you can trust and suitability factors.

What to look for

When you're buying new tennis balls, look for a good bounce and decide what kind of court you will playing on. Some tennis balls are suitable for courts and some are more suited to grass play.

Diadora Classic tennis balls are stored in a pressurised can. They are made from durable yellow felt and are suitable for all courts. Head Radical tennis balls also come in a pressurised can, but the can is transparent, rather than metal. Slazenger Solo tennis balls can be used on all types of playing surfaces and come in a pack of three.

Training and coaching

For training and coaching purposes, there are different types of tennis balls. Slazenger tennis balls such as their large size red tennis balls have a lower bounce feature and a distinctive red and yellow design that distinguishes them from higher bounce professional or intermediate balls.

Wilson also makes coaching balls, which are softer than standard tennis balls and suitable for indoor use. They are also red and yellow, as opposed to the usual yellow, with Dunlop having its own colours such as green for stage one and green and orange for stage two.

Buckets and tubes

Whilst the more advanced tennis player will buy their tennis balls in pressurised tubes to retain bounce factor, coaches and tennis academies will usually use special coaching buckets of tennis balls. Dunlop, Slazenger, and Wilson all make buckets of training balls, with Dunlop designing different balls for different stages.


Slazenger supplies the balls for the famous Wimbledon tournament and has its own Wimbledon range of tennis balls. The fluorescent yellow balls have the distinctive company logo and are available to buy in tubes of four. The tubes are made of metal and are sealed when you receive them. Slazenger Wimbledon ultra vis balls are easy to spot with their extra bright colour.

The US Open

Wilson balls are used in the US Open and the brand has a popular range of different types of balls, including coaching balls and professional standard US open balls, with durable felt and high bounce rate.