Fitness Equipment & Accessories

Fitness Equipment and Accessories

Whether you are toning up, preparing for a sporting competition, getting fit or simply looking to lose a few extra pounds then this range of fitness equipment and accessories will suit your needs. With a variety of products, you'll find equipment to tackle every muscle from your abs, thighs to arms from mats, resistance bandsto toning belts.

Exercise mats

Exercise matsare made in a variety of materials including EVA, rubber, PVC and foam. You can find many types of exercise mats that are portable and can either be folded away or rolled up for easy storage. Many gym or yoga goers choose to use a small exercise mat bag to help with transportation, whilst many of these bags are also waterproof.

For gym owners or schools, you can find interlocking soft foam gym mats that are easily put together and can be used for exercise classes for both children and adults.

Ab exercisers

If you are looking to get abs like Shakira, why not consider using specific fitness equipment that is made to target your abdominal area, which will help you to see the results you're hoping for. Rollers are a good option which helps to tone, tighten and firm your abs and core muscles. If space isn't an issue in your house or gym, you could consider an ab crunch machine, which is great for an overall workout but also allows you to target your core upper, middle, lower abs and obliques. Now that's a workout!

Many people choose to opt for a toning belt which is designed to work in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and exercise regime. Putting on if at home during the day or evenings before bed, the toning belt is an electronic stimulation unit that can be strapped around your waist. You'll find your muscles contract to the stimulation, which in turn improves your ab performance and toning over time.

Hula Hoops

Hula hooping is becoming increasingly popular and whilst classes are popping up everywhere, you can actually also do this in the comfort of your own home with a weighted hoop. Just hula hooping for 15 minutes a day can help you tone up and reduce inches from your waistline. Being a fun sport, hooping is also great for children to take part in too and are available in a variety of bright, attractive colours.

Yoga Accessories

From support bandages, yoga balls to foam rollers, you can find a range of fitness equipment and accessories to compliment your workout. Whether you are a complete beginner to a yoga professional, there is a equipment that will support every yoga level for home and class use as required.