Boxing Punch Bags & Pads

Boxing Punch Bags & Pads

Get a full workout in the comfort of your own home with boxing punch bag and pads, whether you're training with a pair of pads and a pal or letting off steam on your own.

Pads or Bags?

Pads are more interactive and call for a more targeted skill set; however, there is the drawback of always needing a sparring partner with you to train. Punching pads, or focus pads, look similar to boxing gloves but with a flat, padded target for punching.

Pad work perfectly combines calorie-burning cardio with muscle-building strength and ultimately helps to lower your body fat and tone the muscles. Don't be fooled into thinking the person wearing the pads gets an easy job as that offers a serious workout too.

Improve your boxing techniques and power with the help of a punching bag. Working out with a punching bag helps the body in so many ways, from improving coordination and core stability to relieving stress.

Depending on your particular style and martial art, check the bag for its purpose. Some bags are perfect for boxers whereas some bags are heavier with tougher materials to take the strain of powerful kicks, elbows and knees. These tougher bags are perfect for MMA, kickboxing, Muay thai, karate and other martial arts.

A realistic way of working out is by purchasing Century Bob. A Century Bob is a head and torso with a flesh-like cover to imitate working out with a real person.

Kids' Boxing Sets

Specially tailored for your junior boxers, check out boxing sets for kids. Children can blow off steam and get fit with punching bags and balls. Look out for ones that include gloves too so you don't have to buy them separately. You can find serious sets that will help your children turn into skilled athletes or you can find slightly more basic sets that can teach children the basics and how to have fun.