Hand Tools

Complete that project with DIY hand tools

For the keen DIY enthusiast, a set of multipurpose hand tools will help to get a project completed to a high standard within a speedy timeframe. Even the least enthusiastic DIY fan will find that a basic set of tools will help with even the simplest flat pack furniture, where having the right Allen key or hammer can speed up the build time. 

Generic sets of hand tools that contain a few different tools cover the basics, whereas tool specific sets will cover one item but in a range of styles and sizes. A specific drill bit set might have as many as 25 different drill bits, perfect for whatever a project might throw at you. 

Specialist kits

For camping holidaymakers, a rubber mallet with spare tent pegs is an ideal hand tool set to keep in the boot of the car or in the caravan for erecting tents in record time. Special hammers and toolkits designed to work specifically with laminate flooring can help reduce the time needed to fit a laminate floor with minimal risk of damage to the flooring itself. 

For metalworkers, a letter and number stamping set is a great way to personalise metal objects. Such stamping kits are great for jewellery making, especially if used with nose point pliers. 

Woodworking kits

Chisels are handy for both amateur and professional joiners, as well as craftspeople who work wood as a hobby. Woodworking sets can be used to create pretty designs in decorative wood, such as in Welsh love spoons, as well as chiselling into more practical wood pieces like a chopping board or wooden table. 

A strong vice and sturdy workbench are essential for cutting and measuring wood, and sets containing wood burning tools to creative writing and decorative designs are an attractive alternative to chiselling or whittling wood.