Collectable Decanters

Collectable Decanters

Stylish vintage and retro decanters can be displayed on a shelf or a dresser, or can be used to serve wines and spirits making them truly collectable. They make for an elegant glassware collection.

Different types of collectable decanters

Collectable decanters made from clear glass are available in a wide variety of different styles, shapes and sizes. Many of the elegant vintage and retro decanters feature decorative silver plated metal pourers and handles.

Crystal cut glass is a popular option for retro style decanters. This classic decanter design boasts a rounded flat bottom, slender neck and globe shaped stopper. It is typically decorated with elaborate cut glass detail. Chunky, heavy lead crystal cut glass decanters are often used to store and pour whiskey and other spirits.

Many ceramic collectable decanters were originally made as containers for whiskey. Some famous drinks brands have a distinctive bell shaped decanter that is decorated with authentic brand labels.

Collectable decanter accessories

Silver was traditionally used a decorative feature on glass and crystal cut glass decanters. Decanter labels are usually silver plated and hang from a chain around the decanter's neck. Hard wearing enamel was also used for decorating stylish vintage decanter labels.

The benefits of serving wine in decanters

Decanters create an elegant and sophisticated display for a dresser or cabinet. They also can be used to serve alcoholic drinks in style.

Decanting wine or whiskey into a vintage collectable decanter allows the alcohol to breathe before serving. A classic retro decanter will impress your dinner guests.

To decant wine into collectable decanters, all you have to do is open the bottle of wine and pour it into the stylish glass or ceramic decanter of your choice. Allow the wine to sit for 20 to 30 minutes before you serve your guests. Decanters will help the flavours of the wine to increase in subtlety.