Kayaking is a brilliantly inclusive water sport. It can be a relaxing and affordable way to enjoy being out on the water. Of course, there are the serious kayakers who take to the roughest rivers or compete in racing events, but if you just fancy splashing around in your local lake, theres nothing to stop you giving it a try!

Make sure you include all the appropriate safety gear like life jackets and get lessons from a professional instructor to get you started if you are unsure of the basics.

Kayaks for All Environments

The beauty of kayaking is its versatility. Basically, wherever theres water, you can kayak. Many models are specifically designed for a certain kind of water or activity though. For example, a sea kayak will have a more pointed, slim bow and stern to cut through the waves and a semi-flat hull for stability. For the best manoeuvrability, choose shorter boats. For more stability or to fit two kayakers in one vessel, look out for longer boats.

Sit on top kayaks are popular with children and beginners. Some novices can find the idea of having to exit a sit-in kayak in the event of a roll intimidating, so a sit on top model is a comforting choice. Not only that, they are lightweight and easy to transport. Choose a colourful model if you are purchasing one for children.

Specialised Kayaks

If you plan to tour in your kayak, look to the touring models with their rugged design, comfortable seats and gear storage facilities. Youll be in your boat for a while, so it pays to invest in comfort and convenience.

Choose a kayak with the right features if you fancy using it for fishing trips. Youll find specialised fishing kayaks with fitted rod holders and paddle parks to stop your paddles floating away while you fish.