Table Tennis Bats, Paddles & Blades

Table Tennis Bats, Paddles and Blades

There is a large variety of different table tennis bats, paddles and blades for you to choose from that vary in brand manufacturer and colour. You can't play table tennis without a bat and ball so make sure you to choose the right bat from the options available for your next game.

If you're looking to improve your game and beat your next competitor then make sure you get one of the high quality table tennis bats that are available. They all have high quality features that allow you to make perfect shots with high level of spin and power whilst still being in control.


It is important that all table tennis bats, paddles and blades have a good amount of grip on the handle. This will allow you to hold the bat at all times with ease and plenty of comfort whilst being in control. When you're in a heated, intense match you want to be able to rely on your bat to provide you with the speed and control you need to make every shot. High quality bats with great grip allow you to make your great shots even if your hands are sweaty, as the rubber absorbs any sweat and ensures you have a good grip on the bat.

Shock Resistant

A great feature on all table tennis bats is the shock resistance that they offer. This enables players to hit hard the table tennis ball when in a rally or when they are about to smash a shot. This also makes the bats able to be hit off the table, on accident and be durable and strong enough to take in the impact and not affect the player's hand.

From the different table tennis bats, paddles and blades that are on offer to you, there are a number that come with extra accessories. This includes bat bags and table tennis balls, perfect if you play table tennis regularly and need to carry your bat around with you.

There is plenty of different choice for when you want to choose which table tennis bat, paddle or blade you want for your next game of table tennis. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced table tennis player, there is a table tennis bat to suit all abilities. Some of the brands that have manufactured table tennis bats include Butterfly , STIGA, Dunlop and Cornilleau which are some of the most popular and well established sporting companies in the table tennis world.