Electronic Music Keyboards

Electronic music keyboards are a great choice for those who would love to learn to play the piano but don't have space or the resources to acquire one. They are also stand alone instruments with their own merits, offering a unique range of sounds and features to capture the imagination of aspiring musicians, from amateurs to professionals.

Understanding Keys

A piano has 88 keys, whilst keyboards vary depending on the needs of the user. You can purchase children's keyboards with 37 keys, standard or casual keyboards with 61 keys and high end professional keyboards with the full 88. Laminated key stickers are available to help beginners identify notes easily.

Some smaller keyboards have slim keys for little fingers but many of the brands offering 61 or more will have keys that are the same width as those on a piano. Electronic keyboards are made from plastic and some, but not all, offer touch sensitivity similar to a piano (also known as velocity the harder you press the key the louder the sound).


This refers to the number of keys that can be depressed at once. The higher the polyphony number, the more keys can be played simultaneously. This is important for advanced players looking to produce complex chords.

Power source

Most electronic keyboards will have an external power source and require plugging into a wall socket. Some smaller models, specifically children's keyboards, may be battery only.

Other features

Keyboard stands allow you to raise and lower your keyboard to the appropriate height for playing. Many electronic keyboards have speakers built into the unit, while others may require external speakers or headphones. Some electronic keyboard models have a feature that allows you to record and play your music back; perfect for playing duets with yourself!

The majority of electronic keyboards have pre recorded drum beats, which you can play along to. Many also enable you to change the sound of the keys to impersonate other instruments and some have a mic jack so you can plug in a microphone and sing along.

Top Products in Electronic Keyboards

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