Collectable Sewing Buttons

Collectable Sewing Buttons

With thousands of designs, sizes, uses, and materials available, buttons are a highly collectable item. Collectable sewing buttons are available in everything from glass to plastic, wood to metal. So whether you're looking to grow your collection or you're just starting out you'll be spoilt for choice.

Collectable buttons through the ages

Whether you prefer a modern collection of buttons or something with a little more history, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. Contemporary collectable sewing buttons are classified as being produced from 1981 onwards. Plastic buttons tend to feature more heavily in garments from recent decades, so if you like to collect plastic buttons then something from this era would be suitable.

If you're looking for something a little older, a vintage collectable button would be perfect. Buttons from the period 1900 - 1980 are classified as vintage, and they are ideal if you wanted to customise your clothes to create a unique vintage look.

Looking for something even older? Collectable antique sewing buttons from before 1900 and are ideal if you like your button collection to have a little history. Antique buttons tend to feature a lot of metal, such as brass or silver. You can also find some more unusual materials such as enamel or mother of pearl, perfect if you want something a little different.


No matter what type of button you enjoy collecting, whether it's something attractive and shiny or something more understated, you'll find something for you. A gold or silver plated selection would make an attractive centrepiece to a collection. Alternatively, glass buttons with delicate floral patterns would look pretty on a sideboard. With many options to choose from you could have a button collection for every occasion!

Buying buttons as a gift

Collectable military buttons would make an unusual addition to the collection of any button collector. Military buttons are available in many styles with some having the regiment's name embossed on them. This would make a thoughtful gift for someone who has a particular connection to the military.