Address Books

Address books to keep you organised

Despite the huge leaps in communications technology in recent years, address books are still very much alive and kicking. After all, not everyone wants to keep all their many years of contacts on one device which could easily get broken or lost, sometimes you just need a back-up. They also make the ideal gifts for anyone who is starting up their own business or just constantly on the go. Available in a range of styles, colours and designs, there's an address book to fit everyone's lifestyle on eBay. 

Desk address books

Perfect for offices and reception areas, desk address books are ideal for keeping all your important contact details in one place. With many desk address books being hard-backed or leather padded, they're also brilliantly chic and stylish for that ultra-professional look. For children's bedrooms or homework desks, there are also plenty of cute little fun designs too. Choose a classic leather address book to add some class to your office space, or find a floral pattern address book to add a touch of colour to your day. 

Mini address books

Mini address books are ideal for satchels and handbags so you can easily grab it when travelling or on the move. From fun, slimline address books with cartoon owls and stars on the front cover, to more professional looking ones ideal for business meetings and networking there's something for everyone. Plus, as they're made in study hard-back, they're less likely to become bent or dogeared. 

Pocket address books

Ideal for anyone who does a lot of travelling or who tends to move from office to office, pocket address books are small enough to fit into trouser pockets or top pockets of work shirts. Designed in a wide range of styles and colours, you could even buy multiple address books for personal contacts, business colleagues, clients etc. You'll never feel disorganised again.