Water skiing and Wakeboarding Bindings and Accessories

Water skiing and wakeboarding bindings and accessories ensure that your feet are firmly fixed onto your water skis or wakeboard and that you are safe and protected in the water.

Wearing the right size bindings will ensure that you have good control over your board and avoid sore toes.

Advantages of open toe bindings

Open toe bindings are very popular and a great buy if your water skis or wakeboard will be used by more than one person, because these bindings are versatile and will fit a lots of different feet sizes. This means that you won't need to change the bindings if multiple people are using the skis or board at any one time. If you are looking for bindings for children, open toe bindings are the best as their feet are still growing so you are likely to get a lot more use out of them.

Advantages of closed toe bindings

Closed toe bindings are the only choice for experienced riders. Because they come in specific shoe sizes they will fit your feet providing a tighter fit and giving you far more control over your skis or wakeboard . Because they fit your feet, they will feel more comfortable, with an added bonus that your feet will stay dry and warm.

Water skiing and wakeboarding accessories

Lace bindings help to secure your feet and have fasteners to keep the laces in place so they don't come loose. Boa is a quicker lacing system where you use a dial to tighten the laces. Velcro straps are more popular as you don't have to tie laces and are quick to fasten. They may not hold such a precise fit, but Velcro straps are very long lasting.

Other water ski and wakeboarding accessories include items such as gloves to protect your hands and help your grip, lightweight helmets to protect your head, life vests to keep you afloat and watersports goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from the sun and the water.