Collectable Cigarette Cards

Collectible cigarette cards for any avid collector

Find a large selection of collectible cigarette cards here on eBay, perfect for any type of collector. Start your collection with a full set of cigarette cards or search for the final rare piece of tobacciana youve been looking for. 

Single collectible cigarette cards

Browse through various cards to find the perfect one to finish off your collection. From Copes Dickens Gallery set, a No.12 The Game Chicken card depicts a man in a sparring position with an excerpt of text underneath. On the flipside, it lists the 50 available cards from Copes Cigarettes that feature Charles Dickens characters. 

Cards from the General Interest Numbered F series from Ogdens Cigarettes show various different pictures in black and white. Number 12 shows the Ibrox Park disaster, number 32 is a portrait of Jack Cooke and no. 33 is the horse rider Andrea Ferrara returning to Scale. 

For those also interested in coins, number 78 of the Ogden cards depict a Queen Anne Coronation Medal, 82 shows Charles Is Coronation Medal and 83 James IIs Coronation Medal. 

For those into retro film and TV, an Adrath card showing Norma Shearer in all her beauty is a must-have. This film star cigarette card was issued in 1935 as part of the film, stage and radio stars collection. 

Collectible cigarette card sets

A set of Carreras cards is the perfect way to kickstart your collection. Go for a full set that features photographs of birds that are native to Britain. Being a full set of 50 cards issued in 1976, you wont have to search for any missing ones. 

Showing the colonial past of Great Britain, a Players set of 50 cards depicting the countries once in the British Empire issued in 1904 is the perfect gift for any history buff. In excellent condition for collectible cards that are over 100 years old, this collectible cigarette card set brings you one step closer to finishing your collection.