Football Gloves

Football Gloves

Football gloves come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn by adults and juniors . Many of the top sportswear brands have developed their own style of football gloves and you can also buy official club gloves branded by football clubs themselves.

Goalkeeper Gloves

Perhaps the most well known wearer of football gloves is the goalkeeper. The only player allowed to continuously hold the ball, its important to have the right gloves not only to avoid the dreaded butter-fingers, but also to protect your hands and fingers.

Goalkeeper football gloves are generally made with internal padding to protect delicate fingers from the impact of a fast football. An outer material of soft latex like that the Precision GK Brasiliero glove helps it glove to last longer as well as provide a good grip.

The Adidas Ace Fingersave goalkeeper glove features unique FINGERSAVE® spines which not only withstand high pressure, but also benefit the goalkeeper with more effective ball deflection.

Most football gloves including goalkeeper gloves will include an elasticated wrist strap for a comfortable fit - this also helps to protect the wrist itself in case of any strains.

Gloves suitable for different weather conditions

You will need to choose a glove that is suitable for the weather conditions during your game of football or during training in order to get the best from your gloves and avoid ruining them. If playing in wet conditions, consider the Sondico Legend Pro Roll. Alternatively, a glove such as the Selsport Elite is highly breathable, making it perfect for hot, humid conditions.

Football gloves for hard surfaces

Many pitches are made with astro-turf to enable all-weather playing, yet this does come with its own problems and if you wear football gloves regularly you will know that they can suffer from excess wear and tear in these cases. The Selsport Absorb Abrasion glove is particularly good for playing on abrasive surfaces like astro-turf and features immense grip, comfort and flexibility.