Antique Sofas and Chaises

For those who are creating a look which is elegant and timeless, antique sofas and chaises can help to complete any living room or seating area around your home. With antique sofas and chaises available from a wide range of time periods, in a selection of fabrics and styles, there are many options to choose from when looking for your ideal piece of antique furniture .

An antique sofa or chaise longue can provide you with much more than just a place to comfortably sit and relax. A quality sofa or chaise longue can easy become the focal point of any room, offering both comfort and style.

Antique sofas and chaises are available from many different periods in history, providing a great way to capture the feel of the time with a genuine historic piece of furniture. Sofas and chaises from the nineteenth century and even earlier will most often be quality handcrafted pieces that can offer period style.

Early and mid twentieth century sofas and chaises can provide you with the perfect blend of vintage authenticity combined with a modern edge. Many of the styles found in mid twentieth century furniture are currently on trend.

They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so you can find the right piece of furniture to suit your room. No matter what amount of space you have available you should be able to find a suitable sized piece of furniture. Antique sofas and chaises also come in a number of different colours and finishes, enabling you to find a piece of furniture which fits in with your décor and style.

Antique sofas and chaises are highly durable, often built by hand, with a standard of craftsmanship which is rarely seen today. An antique piece of furniture may have a great history, but due to quality construction and materials, they can provide you with many years of comfort and style.

It is often the upholstery which shows most of the wear and it is, therefore, possible to have antique sofas and chaises reupholstered. Either restore them to their former glory or use fabrics, which can give the piece a more modern look. A genuine antique piece of furniture has real history behind it and a quality of craftsmanship that cannot be found in the many reproductions which are also available.

Whether you are looking for a sleek nineteen fifties leather sofa or an early nineteenth century French chaise longue , there are many pieces of antique furniture available which cater to a range of budgets.