Collectable Locks

Collectable Locks

Locks are beautiful objects that inspire mystery and intrigue and have been used since the time of the Pharaohs for keeping treasured possessions protected, from gold jewellery to state secrets.

For collectors of these elegant pieces of engineering, there are dozens of collectable locks available, just waiting to be added to any cherished collection.

Beautiful collectable locks to complete any collection

Whether you are a serious collector of locks or you are simply looking for an unusual lock to use around your home, collectable locks come in an array of designs and conditions.

From simple collectable padlocks with matching keys to combination password locks , collectable locks are made from a range of materials. These materials include metal casing with brass workings, antique bronze, iron and silver.

Many locks are inscribed with their manufacturer's name such as Abloy, Belfry, Squire and Yale , and proudly display that they are made in England or the USA.

While some may be rusted from years of use outdoors, many have been kept in great, usable conditions and will complement antique safes, cabinets, writing tables, chests of drawers and jewellery boxes.

Unique and unusual lock designs

Those looking for more unusual pieces will be delighted to find unique collectable locks online, such as miniature padlocks made with silver Queen Victoria coins from the Victorian era, 1930s miniature handcuff iron locks, antique padlocks engraved with floral patterns, and Chinese-inscribed combination password locks.

Other unusual collectable locks include oriental-inspired animal locks featuring fish, turtles, lions, camels, owls and snakes, perfect for keeping small hands from your treasured possessions.

A small heart shaped padlock makes a beautiful gift for a loved one, and can be strung on a silver chain to create a necklace, used to keep secrets hidden in a diary, or to keep handbags and travel cases secure.