Scuba & Snorkelling Masks

Scuba Snorkelling Masks

Scuba masks are manufactured by different brands, some of them include Cressi, Atomic, Octomask and even ScubaPro. Older scuba diving masks are made out of neoprene, and less-expensive ones are made out of plastic. Masks that have a plastic skirt tend to have a poor seal around the contours of your face and are also less flexible, however, this is only really an issue if you dive on a regular basis or professionally.

Mask Skirt Colours

Most silicone skirts are made to be clear. It is possible to get masks that have a black skirt, however, these are better suited to photographers who don't want additional light coming in through the sides of their mask. Black skirts reduce peripheral vision and can also cause blind spots when diving. It is possible to get mask skirts in different colours, however clear and black skirts tend to be the most common.

Mask Lenses

A lot of snorkelling masks have lenses that are made out of durable plastic or glass. The material used for the lens can affect peripheral vision, obstructed vision, the air volume inside the mask and the amount of light that is allowed through the lens itself. The choice of lens is also down to the personal preference of the diver and the purpose to which they are diving.

Types of Scuba Mask

The classic scuba snorkelling mask has a single lens with the nose being inside the mask itself. Masks like this have a very high volume and a poor seal. Single lens masks have unobstructed views going forward and they also have a nose pocket. Split masks prevent the mask from pressing against the nose however this depends on the water pressure. If there is not enough water pressure then this type of mask may be uncomfortable for the diver.