Camping & Hiking Clothing

Camping and Hiking Clothing

Camping and hiking clothing doesn't just need to look good; it needs to perform well too. And there are several different things that men and women look for when they're buying new camping and hiking clothing.

Most campers and hikers want high quality, affordable gear that is hardwearing and will last for several years. Thankfully there's plenty of choice and there are many trusted brands offering lots of different styles of clothing to suit all conditions.

Waterproof camping and hiking clothes

Waterproof camping clothing is essential for anyone in the UK who loves spending time in the great outdoors. Feet often take a lot of strain, so it's important that they're well looked after. Serious hikers wear comfortable, thick hiking socks and well-fitting, waterproof walking boots - there's nothing worse than finding out boots aren't water resistant than during a downpour on the side of a mountain!

Most UK campers and hikers will own a waterproof jacket too. Whether thick and padded with a waterproof outer layer, or just a thin, lightweight rain jacket that can be thrown on quickly and packed away neatly, a waterproof jacket is considered a must-have by campers and hikers.

Warm camping and hiking clothes

It's important that camping and hiking clothing is warm too. Some campers and hikers like to wear fleece clothing for warmth. Many choose a jacket that has a removable fleece lining to suit various different weather conditions. And other campers and hikers opt for padded down jackets that are thick and insulated for warmth, but still lightweight and easy to pack away.

Low maintenance clothing

Another high priority for men and women buying camping and hiking clothing is that it's easy to keep clean. Spending lots of time out and about in the great outdoors leads inevitably to dirty clothing. Polyester and nylon clothing is ideal for campers and hikers who want easy-wash and easy or non-iron clothing that will last.