Snooker & Pool Table Lighting & Lamps

Snooker and Pool Table Lighting Lamps

There are many different types of lighting available for pool tables. When choosing a pool table lamp, you need to consider the height of the lamp, the shade and the size.

Tiffany Styled

This style is otherwise known as being a stain glass light. It offers a very high level of light and it is also very classic as well. It is designed to add light to more traditional pool table rooms and it is ideal for pubs and bars.

Single Shade

A single shade doesn't just accommodate for one light, in fact, multiple bulbs can be inserted. When buying a single shade, it is important to note that some are hung on brackets and some are hung on studs or with a cross brace. This ultimately means that there is less weight placed on a single chain or rod. Single shade lights can be connected to the wall or onto the ceiling and are a very popular option.

Multi-Shade with Bar

Multi-shade lights can have anywhere between 2 and 6 shades. They often hang from a chain or a rod and they are fully adjustable. You can change the height of the chain however they do tend to hang from more than one. This helps to distribute the weight across both rods or chains and they are more suited to bars or to bigger pool tables.

They are also ideal for rooms that don't have a lot of natural light. Multi-shade lights are more expensive to run and they are also much larger when compared to single shade lights.

Both single shade lights and multi-shade lights are available in a huge range of colours and sizes so you can easily customise them to meet the needs of your pool room. The type of bulb that can be installed is also a consideration in terms of energy saving capabilities.