Pocket Bike

Pocket bikes are the perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of motorbikes. The smaller design makes these bikes easy to carry around and more safe than standard motorbikes. Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of Pocket Bikes from leading brands including Razor, MotoTec, KXD and even Renegade in both new and used condition.

Pit Bike

A pit bike is usually used by racing teams so they can transverse around their pit areas quickly and efficiently. This design isn't ideal for long periods of riding and they are purely designed for practical use. Pit bikes are suited better to experienced riders as they offer less stability than other pocket bikes.

Midi Moto

Midi moto bikes are very similar to pit bikes but they are much bigger. The height of the bike is usually one or two feet higher and the engine is much larger. They often come with a 110cc four-stroke engine. Midi motos quite often reach speeds of up to 65mph and they are ideal for beginners. They are relatively easy to maintain a high level of control while you are on the road. Mini moto bikes are also very easy to customise if you wanted to add your own custom mudguards, handlebars or wheels. These pocket bikes are great for beginners as they offer a well-rounded experience.

Mini Dirt

Mini dirt bikes are designed to handle off-road conditions. The tyres are designed for use off-road and the suspension is much stronger so that it can deal with any bumps or pits in the road. Mini dirt bikes are not suited to road racing, however, they can be used for tricks and stunts. These bikes often come with specially equipped tyres to help them to grip the terrain while also helping the user to maintain a high level of control. These models are suited better to more experienced riders looking to go off-road or pull off tricks.