Collectable Stainless Steel Metalware

Collectable Stainless Steel Metalware

Known for its strength and versatility, stainless steel has found its way into almost everything, even kitchen and diningware. Collectable stainless steel metalware has a vintage look, but is still incredibly practical for use at home, or in a hotel or restaurant. Stainless steel makes robust products that don't tarnish or rust given time and can be shaped into practically anything.

Steely examples to use or display

There are as many designs of stainless steel metalware, from vintage steel teapots, utilitarian coffee and milk jugs and whole tea sets . More refined polished and brushed napkin rings, presentation goblets and impressive serving dishes and other such tableware are all available in stainless steel.

Collector's favourite

Historically produced in Sheffield and the industrial north, quality stainless steel has nowadays become very collectable for its design, look, feel and utility. Because of its strength and resilience to tarnishing and easy to clean properties it has remained a popular material. Traditional serving trays are a favourite, especially when carrying stainless steel tea sets. These slightly antiquated designs have not lost one ounce of their appeal.

Stainless steel ashtrays look decidedly modern and could be repurposed as a change dish if you are not a smoker. Ornate cake stands are sturdy and practical as well as easy to clean and a stainless steel salt and pepper shaker can jazz up your dining table. These pieces are highly durable and long lasting, so there's no reason why you can't make everyday use out of these collector's items.

More obscure items, like sieves and sleek hip flasks would make great gifts to bakers or collectors. Some items can come with inscriptions, such as old fashioned 'whisky labels' which were traditionally hung over decanters. These can give your home an old fashioned vibe, reminiscent of simpler times.