Tennis Grips

Tennis Grips

Being able to ensure a firm and effective grip on the racket is an essential for any tennis player, whether a beginner or a more experienced player. The grip is going to have the most influence when it comes to your ability to control your shots whilst playing.

The two main types of tennis grips are replacement grips and overgrips. While replacement grips are designed to fully replace the racket's existing grip and are a good choice if your tennis racket is showing signs of wear and gear, overgrips simply wrap over the top of the present grip.

Choosing tennis grips

There are so many styles, colours and brands of tennis grip available that it can feel like a difficult choice to make. It doesn't need to be complicated and a few simple questions should help you to choose the perfect grip for your requirements.

Many people simply choose to stick with the same brand if buying a replacement but sometimes there's more to think about when purchasing an overgrip. The tackiness of the grip is the first consideration as the whole purpose of the product is to make sure that you have the right level of grip on the racket. Long lasting and high tack designs are usually going to be a better choice with this in mind.

Next up consider the importance of absorption. If you're going to be playing tennis in hot environments or if you tend to perspire heavily when playing as many do, a tennis grip with higher absorbency is going to be more suitable. In a tense match this can help you keep your cool under pressure.

Overgrips often feature different levels of cushioning depending on what level of shock absorbency is needed. Some tennis players prefer minimal vibration when hitting the ball and therefore may like a grip with extra cushioning, whilst others prefer to feel more of the impact.

The last thing to think about is more related to aesthetics and personal preference. There are many different brands manufacturing tennis grips, both replacements and overgrips. If you have a particular brand that you're loyal to then this is a logical place to start although it never hurts to make some additional comparisons.

There are many different styles and colours of tennis grips available as well. Perhaps you'd like to use your grip to inject some colour into your tennis kit, or maybe you'd like it to coordinate with the other colours on your racket.