Heat Your Spaces Evenly and Efficiently With a Log Burner

Using a log burner to provide additional or alternative heat to your home or other types of buildings is an efficient and inexpensive way to stay warm. These free standing stoves have been around for a long time. When used properly, log burners can be a safe and efficient way to heat your home without harming the environment.

How does a log burner stove work?

A log burner is a wood burning stove that provides heat by burning either wood fuel or some type of derived wood fuel, such as bricks of sawdust. The stove is usually made from cast iron or steel and is a closed firebox with a door and a flue pipe. The chimney gases are drawn out of the fire chamber and up the flue because of the contrast in warm air in the flue and colder air outside.

Log burners are clean and efficient and have many good reasons for their use. They use inexpensive and renewable fuel, they do not use petroleum, and they emit fewer contaminants and pollutants than a fireplace. New log burners meet stringent environmental standards to reduce particulate emissions, and these certified "eco design" stoves are the only wood burning stoves to be sold new.

What is a DEFRA exempt log burner?

DEFRA exempt stoves or smoke exempt stoves are stoves that are allowed to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas. These fuels are normally disallowed in these smoke control areas. This means you can burn wood in these restricted areas that prohibit the burning of wood if you have a stove that meets certain standards for emissions.

What is the difference between a multi fuel and wood burning stove?

A wood burning stove is built without a fixed grate and has a flat base. The ashes from the burning wood are collected in the bottom of the stove, and fresh logs are placed on top. This produces more efficient combustion because the logs burn more evenly and effectively when they are on a bed of ashes.

Multi fuel stoves can burn a variety of fuels other than wood. They can burn smokeless fuels, anthracite coal, and peat/turf briquettes. These wood stoves are designed to burn these various types of fuel efficiently. Multi fuel appliances have either a central grate with an ashpan or a raised grate with bars and ash that is collected in an ash pan below the grate.

What fuels can a multi fuel stove burn?

The four main types of fuel that a multi fuel stove can use include:

  • Wood Wood can be burned in multi fuel stoves.
  • Smokeless fuels These are usually some type of composite material that is made from wood products that are mixed with other elements. These types of fuel have minimal harmful emissions. There are lists from various governing bodies in the United Kingdom on what are acceptable smokeless fuels.
  • Anthracite Anthracite coal is a cleaner type of coal than bituminous coal. It emits practically no particles or smoke.
  • Peat/turf briquettes Peat is partially decayed and compacted vegetable matter from soil that is wet enough to retard oxidation.

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