Windsurfing Boards

Windsurfing Boards

When choosing a windsurfing board, you need to consider your level of experience, your weight and the body of water you want to surf. You can find a wide range of windsurfing boards here on eBay, from leading brands that include RRD, Tiga, AHD and Fanatic.

Formula Race Boards

If you are looking for speed then a formula race board is the ideal choice. You will need to have a considerable level of skill in order to use this type of board and this is because if you don't control your balance then the board will flip out. Formula race boards are incredibly fast and when the wind hits you can really feel the rush and thrill that windsurfing has to offer.


This board is the best choice for you if you are at a beginner stage. It is also ideal for flat, open waters. If you want to choose a freeride board then you need to take into account the volume of the board. You also need to make sure that the tail has most of the volume because this is where your weight is going to be when you try and make turns. If you want to advance to the intermediate stage then a freeride board is also a great choice, because you can take them on slightly rougher waters without compromising your experience or the level of control you have over the board itself.

Freestyle Wave

If you want to ride higher waves with rough conditions, then a freestyle board is the best option for you. This is ideal for those who want to go fast but also get some airtime. A lot of riders will choose a board that doesn't have much more volume than their own body weight. With these types of boards, uphauling can be a challenge if you're not an experienced rider so keep that in mind when choosing a board.