Snooker & Pool Scoreboards

Keep track of your games with snooker and pool scoreboards

Imperative to playing proper games, snooker and pool scoreboards let you track who's in the lead. Get yourself something to match the style of your snooker table, like a traditional wood model with sliding score markers, or choose a digital scoreboard to go with your modern table. Whatever snooker and pool equipment you're after, you'll find something to suit your home here on eBay. 

Traditional snooker and pool scoreboards

Made with a strong wood construction and classic sliding score markers, traditional scoreboards kit your games room out in retro charm. 

A vintage Riley snooker and pool scoreboard is the perfect way to track your games. Larger units with three different number tracks let you track multiple games whilst a small blackboard section to the right lets you write down scores, perfect for darts. 

The lovely wood finish matches traditional home interiors and is super easy to clean. This model can either sit on a surface or be hung on a wall next to your table for easy access. 

Or go for a smaller Riley snooker scoreboard that hangs on the wall. The deep brown wooden board features two dual-metal sliders to keep track of the score. 

Peradon snooker and pool scoreboards feature 12 metal slides with eight different score tracks for snooker, pool and billiards games. 

Modern snooker and pool scoreboards

Use a modern snooker and pool scoreboard with a digital display for something that fits in with modern spaces. Choose an i47 scoreboard for an electric piece of kit that uses bright LED lights to keep the score. The two displays feature contrasting red and green LED lights, one colour for each player. 

A yellow LED display to the centre shows the frames played but can also be used for carom billiards to keep track of innings and penalties.