Sailing Dinghies & Boats

Seaworthy sailing dinghies and boats

Take it back to basics with a sailing dinghy or boat. Whether youre looking for something to take out in the warmer weather, a new fishing boat or even something for racing, youre sure to find the sailing equipment youre looking for here on eBay. 

Inflatable dinghies

Get out on the water in no time with an inflatable sailing dinghy. Look out for dinghies in different sizes, so you can select one to fit all the family in for fun days out. These dinghies are ideal for those who love sailing but dont live by the sea, as they can be deflated and rolled up to fit in your car boot for easy transportation. 

You may find inflatable sailing dinghies that come with a set of oars for manual propulsion through the water, as well as dinghies that have mounts for you to attach a motor so you can pick up some speed while you cruise around. 

There are also smaller inflatable dinghies that would make handy lifeboats to be kept on larger vessels, as well as a useful way of getting to and from a larger boat. 

Sailing boats

If youre serious about sailing, have a look at the huge number of sailing boats on offer. Those who love the rich history of sailing should consider a wooden sailing boat or even a classic model that has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. 

Those looking for a high-performance boat could look at newer options with fibreglass hulls. Some of these boats have been built for maximum speed, so they would be great for any budding racer or enthusiast. 

Look out for sailing boats that come with all the sailing accessories and equipment such as masts, rigging, rudders, booms and sails, so you can get straight out on the water.