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DAF Truck Diecast Vehicles

DAF truck diecast vehicles are precisely scaled and detailed replica models featuring the iconic trucks of DAF commercial vehicles. DAF trucks are most frequently made in 1:50 or 1:72 scale and may come with plinths and glass casing. Many DAF truck diecast models are sold in their original packaging.

Popular DAF diecast vehicles

The Corgi DAF 105 FreshLinc fridge trailer features a WWII themed design to commemorate the aircraft of RAF Holbeach. As well as impeccable detail and scaling, the model features a beautiful image of a Lancaster bomber and two Spitfires in flight over the airfield.

The Oxford Haulage DAF 2800 Tipper Alfred Hymas 76D28002 model features the iconic DAF F241 cab with its iconic wide squat appearance and 11.6 litre engine. The DAF 2800 Tipper is available in a range of liveries, among the most popular of which are the striking sky blue and orange of Alfred Hymas.

The Oxford Diecast DAF XF Curtainside RA Howie Scotland celebrates the renowned Scottish haulage company. As with tipper varieties, curtainside lorries come in a wide range of liveries. RA Howie trucks feature a red, two tone blue, and white cabin design. Trailers are blue with red and gold labelling.


Europe's foremost commercial vehicle manufacturer, DAF are a world leader in quality light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles. DAF trucks range from 7.5 tonnes to 50 tonnes, and come in curtain side, flatbed, tipper, tanker and combi models.

DAF diecast trucks are produced by a range of high quality modelling companies, including Corgi , Matchbox, Oxford, and Tekno, amongst others.

Why choose diecast?

Diecast models are made from plastic or metal that is set within a detailed mould. With superior scaling and dimensional accuracy, they allow for an exceptionally smooth finish. Diecast models will be assembled and painted and will usually come with a custom plinth for presentation.