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Tekno Volvo Diecast Vehicles

Diecast vehicles are miniature replicas of real life vehicles. The range of Tekno Volvo diecast vehicles includes cars, commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, buses, trailers and trucks, which appeal to collectors and hobbyists alike. Reputed for its accuracy and realism, Tekno was known for favouring Swedish car manufacturer Volvo and has manufactured in mini many of its real life vehicle ranges.

Established in 1928, Tekno is a Scandinavian model manufacturer that specialises in the production of model trucks. The company was founded by A. Siegumfeldt, a plumber from Copenhagen, who, after many years of producing traditional wooden toys, began manufacturing miniature vehicles using the diecast method of high temperature, high precision metal casting.

In 2003 Tekno opened its own museum displaying many of its diecast vehicles , new and old. The company also runs a truck lovers event every year which is attended by thousands, where many miniature and life size trucks are on display.

Tekno trucks

One of Teknos first ever diecast trucks manufactured was the Volvo F89. Today, Tekno Volvo diecast vehicles include an extensive range of different types of miniature trucks. These are available in a range of styles and scales, featuring liveries and signwriting appropriate to their era.

Larger, more detailed models such as articulated trucks can include extra detail such as detachable mirrors. Articulated model trucks have a pivot joint in its construction just like its full size counterpart, allowing the vehicle to turn more sharply.

Diecast Volvo cars

Tekno Volvo diecast vehicles also include a range of Volvo automobiles which were produced by Tekno pre-World War II. These vintage diecast car models often hold substantial value, particularly if relatively unscathed and if complete with their original packaging. These miniatures are often very attractive to collectors and feature high quality detail such as fingertip steering with suspension, opening doors, trunks and bonnets.